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Underestimating the importance of bored piling in building and construction is mistake that nobody should be making. Literally the foundation that many structures are built on, bored piling ensures the integrity and foundation of the structure, from buildings, warehouses and residential properties alike. By neglecting to invest in a proper foundation for your structure, the issues down the track can be catastrophic. From financial issues from having to repair any damage caused from having an unstable foundation, to the massive safety issues that can happen, it is never worth the risk. Bored piling is are installed by forming a hole into the ground, which then concrete can be poured into, so piles are able to be cast into position, to help create a solid foundation where the soil is different or unstable. Bored piling as able to take very heavy loads and are often used in cities and metropolitan areas. Due to the importance of the stability and quality of the bored piling, it is important that when you enlist the help of somebody to lay your foundations for your project that you contact professionals who can guarantee the job will be done at the highest quality. At Piling Experts, the promise is in the name and you cannot get any more straightforward than that. Our team has the knowledge, training and skills to ensure that your building project will get off to the best start. Piling is a speciality and we know all too well just how important having a strong foundation is for any structure, so if you need a bored piling expert, contact us the team at Piling Expert.

Screw Piling

Screw piles, which can also be known as screw anchors, helical piles and helical anchors are a type of steel piling. The role of these piles is to anchor the ground for construction, allowing for a deep and solid foundation to be built upon. Similar to bored piling, it is just used in different conditions and has a different structure. Residential properties, commercial buildings, bridges, warehouses and factories all need to be built upon a solid foundation, which is where screw piling comes in. The shaft of the screw piles transfers the load of structure onto the screw rather than having it putting pressure onto the ground, creating a more stable foundation. They are made of circular steel sections and are actually cut into the soil, which makes them adaptable to the ground that they are installed into. Once they are installed into the ground, the space surrounding the pile is filled with concrete which keeps it in place. Being installed correctly is important as the carry the weight of the structure upon them. Structures created by methods such as screw piling and bored piling ensures the safety and the stability of the structure that they carry for many, many years to come, normally for the entire lifespan of the structure or building.

Benefits of Screw Piling

When it comes to getting your building project off to the right start, there are so many reasons to use methods like bored piling and screw piling. Looking up the process can make it seem like it is a huge operation that will involve a lot of equipment, time and energy but in reality, it is one of the smoothest process you will probably have all project. Especially when you compare it to other ways of laying foundations, screw piling is quite a simple process. When you hire the right installer, you will be happy to hear that not only can it be done in under an hour, but it almost immediately functional. This means you can get the rest of project under way right after the foundations have been put down. Saving you time, meaning that it will also save you money! This is especially beneficial in times where emergency structures and projects need to get underway, getting the necessary infrastructure up as quickly as possible. The installation of screw piling is normally efficient and quiet as well as offering minimal disturbance to the rest of the project site and often can be installed in a range of different locations, even ones that can be harder to access.