Seeking a Piling Company

Large structures need solid foundations, which is where the process of piling comes in. Piling contractors are a specially trained tradespeople and through their skills, they know exactly how to install bored piling and screw piling. Laying a deep foundation in the way that is necessary to ensure that the foundation is stable and able to handle what is placed upon it should not be left in the hands of somebody less than competent so it is important to find piling contractors that have a proven track record of experience and success. Understanding what kind of foundation, you will need is a must when choosing a piling contractor so you know exactly the type of piling contractor work that has to be undertaken. If the ground and soil conditions are poor with the project that is going to be placed upon it being more than one storey, then deep foundations will be necessary. If the building is already in place, then what you will need is mini piling. Educating yourself on the basics in this area is very important so when hiring a piling contractor, you will be able to ensure that the job that is done is suitable to your needs. Along with the knowledge, understanding your budget is also important but do not let cost be the overall deciding factor. What may be a saving now could end up costing you more in the future if you look to cut costs in the initial piling process. When looking for a piling contractor, finding one that suits your needs and budget is important and specialist piling contractors, like the company Piling Experts, will be able to give you a breakdown of the costs and the process. Being a continuously growing company with over three decades worth of industry experience, our knowledge in residential, commercial, industrial and mining projects all across Australia sets us apart. From bored piling, mini piling and even in our project management skills, we can work with you.

Benefits of Bored Piling

Bored piling is a foundation, made from reinforced concrete, that supports structures that consist of heavy vertical loads. This type of piling is a cast-in-place concrete pile that is cast on the actual site. Playing a huge role as a foundational structure, bored piling is used for buildings and other structures that have a weighted load in the thousands of tons. They are often used as a foundation solution when ground conditions are reasonably good, as long as there is no threat of shallow water table and that the soils are cohesive, or rock and spoil removal is easy to access. Not just used for foundations though, bored piling is also used to create walls underground, in order to maintain its structural integrity in the earth. The advantage of using bored piling over conventional footings is that piles can be extended through soft, compressible or swelling soils and made into suitable bearing material. They are able to also be extended deep enough below the surface to avoid frost penetration and seasonal moisture. This method is favourable as well, as bored piling minimises the need for large excavations, meaning there is less disruption to the soil around. Being able to carry bigger loads, as well as having better economics, it allows more flexibility within building design. If used in rocks instead of soil, it also can minimise any foundation settlement that comes with normally using rock as a surface.

Trust the Word of Our Clientele

We can tell you all the time just how much we can offer you as piling contractors but rather than here it from us, let our clients give their experience. Emma Mujic, a client of ours, highly recommends Piling Experts. In her words, ‘professional team, on time and reasonably priced…and will use them again in future jobs’. Lawrence Brown was very happy with the work we did for him, from the tendering to the delivery and installation, even if the site was a little harder to access. He was very happy with how everything was handled. John Barich, backing us up when we say we are experts in the field, was very happy that we were able to take “all the hassle out”. We were able to assist John and his team with the problems on the site they were facing and got the job done in a timely manner. Charlie Nohra also gave us a glowing recommendation, saying that ‘the screw piling works was delivered on time, within budget and exceeded all expectations’ and that we were able to resolve unforeseen issues as they arose, successfully managing the project from concept to completion. For bored piling and other forms of piling, the team at Piling Experts comes highly recommended and we can help you with your next project.