Screw Piling with Piling Experts

Screw piling with Piling Experts

Tired of dealing with low-quality screw piles? Had enough of companies not providing you top quality products for your job? Screw that, and get screw piling services from Piling Experts! Screw piling is one of the most efficient and sustainable methods of constructing buildings with weak soils. However, when you are selecting the company to provide you with the screw pile, you want to choose the best. These screw piles will quite literally become the foundation of your project, so you want to make sure that the company you purchase them from has a reputation for reliability and quality. In other words, you want experts, Piling Experts. Australian Piling experts will provide you with a designed installed and certified screw pile service for all civil, commercial, residential, industrial, bridge and infrastructure works Sydney and Australia wide. We provide the cheapest, quickest, and most durable screw piling system on the market today. Do not compromise when it comes to your project and get the best screw piling on the market. The rest of this piece will talk about the benefits of screw piling and how Piling Experts can help you with it.

Benefits of Screw Piling

There are a variety of reasons that you might wish to use screw piling. Firstly, it is extremely cost-effective, with it being only half the price of a concrete pile and taking half the time to install as a concrete bored pile. It causes much less mess as you don’t need concrete trucks, Steel Cages, concrete pumps, or heavy large rigs. No spoil removal is required. The installation time is up to ten times faster than any driven piles. There is no vibration encountered and no dewatering requirements to fulfil. The piles can be either reused or recycled and are suitable for any soil type. These piles do not require an on-site engineer to be present when installed and can be dug as deep as required up to thirty meters. No open holes or bunting is necessary when using this type of pile. Can access tight sites with widths of 1.75 meters and heights of 1.90 meters.

Piling Experts well-built piles

Our Steel piles and helix have been locally tested and certified by Australian Testing Facilities to achieve 350-450 Grade, which is higher than our competitors who often only provide the market with only 250-350. Our series of steel screw piles range from 60kN pile safe working load and go up to a 1300kN pile safe working load. In some cases, we can also pair and group several piles together to achieve higher loads as necessary for your project to cater for lift cores and stairwells and similar projects. Our piles have been specially engineered to dig into any type of ground required (Mainly Sandy or clay grounds). The heavy-duty teeth are able to cut into any and all hard layers of soil, rock (up to Class four), or other material without damaging the shaft. Our heavy duty hex plates come in square or circular shapes depending on which is best for your project. Complying with the Australian Standard: AS 2159 - Section 8. APE screw pile product allows engineers, developers, builders, homeowners to specify APE Piles with full confidence.

About Piling Experts

Piling Experts is a company that believes in old school values and modern solutions. We believe in simple methodology, high-grade quality steel, and supporting Australian suppliers and fabricators. Our products and service are the best in Sydney with top quality strength, durability, and engineering. As a result, our product is the cheapest, quickest and strongest screw foundation system in today’s market. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by practising strong and old fashioned foundation principles. Communication and comprehension of your specific project requirements is our first step. We will then work with your team and explain to you the design figures stipulated and work to comply with them or provide a lower cost alternative. Our commitment it to you and your product, and we take pride ensuring that job is done well the first time. So if you are in need of screw piles or piling services, look no further than the Piling Experts. Feel free to call us at 0411 693 100 or email at .