Reasons to choose screw-piling for your Sydney Project

Foundations are critical to any construction project. There are many different ways of connecting a building to the ground including slab or concrete foundations, ‘crawl space’ foundations, caisson foundations, shaft foundations, stem wall foundations, raft/mat foundations and pile foundations, and these can be deep, shallow, or have individual or combined footings – the list goes on.

To simplify things and cut through all the noise, we have explained the benefits of Screw Piling below.

Screw piling provides a solid foundation more rapidly than other piling methods.

When a screw pile is in it is in and it is ready to go. Other methods aren’t so quick. For example, concrete must be given time to set. Often this takes multiple days. This can slow up the process and complicate the interactions between different contractors. In this way screw piling is efficient and effective. It suits the businessperson who needs to see a quick turnaround without any compromises on quality or structural integrity.

Screw piling is less invasive and requires less excavation.

For an experienced screw piling team like ours here at Piling Experts, a project involves determining the appropriate areas for screw piling through research and consultation and then undertaking the process with minimal to no removal of terrain or spoil. Conversely, many methods of foundation construction require extensive digging. Screw piling is different. It allows screw piles to be inserted with minimal excavation. It also means fewer other vehicles have to come on site such as concrete trucks and concrete pumps.

Screw piling is cleaner and creates less mess.

Often when a screw piling project is on there are multiple other worksite activities going on at the same time, or there’s other contractors waiting to move in. Fortunately, it requires minimal excavation, given excavation takes time and it disturbs an entire building area. Not only that, but excavation and other steps required for different types of foundation setting can create a mess, which must then be cleaned and in the worst cases presents an occupational health and safety risk – particularly if raining and flooding are possible.

Screw piling is possible in hard-to-access areas.

Many modern projects take place in tight spaces. For example, a new lease may have become available, but it may be tightly in-between two buildings. Or an existing foundation on an older building may be starting to need works, and the intention is to strengthen its foundation so that an entire new building doesn’t have to be built. Both of these situations bring with them the need to work in tight spaces. The Piling Experts team are able to access sites that are 1.75m wide and 1.6m high!

Screw piling will work for many different types of projects.

Screw piling is incredibly versatile. It can be used in a wide variety of different project types, as you can see by looking at the Piling Experts’ portfolio. From residential to industrial, screw piling may be a suitable solution for commercial infrastructure through to piling for your very own home. Being so flexible, the Sydney screw piling business you use will be widely experienced, and able to assist you in the future with your next project too.

Screw piling suits all types of soil types.

Similar to the above point on project types, screw piling is also compatible with every possible soil type you may encounter. It is important soil is tested but it can be hard to know for certain in advance and therefore screw piling is a safe bet when scheduling jobs in. Whether you encounter sand, silt or clay, and regardless of compaction or moisture levels, screw piling will be suitable for the job and provide your project with its much-needed foundation. Screw piles can go up to 30 metres deep.

The best screw piling companies are great to work with.

The very best Sydney screw piling contractors are experienced in working hand in hand with project managers, engineers and other tradespeople on the site, to get the job done to specifications, on time and to budget. They will be able to provide a cost-competitive solution and in many instances can even suggest cheaper options and alternatives that are just as structurally sound, and in some cases even more so.

Screw piles are adaptable to the job at hand.

There are different types of screw piles and screw piling. Taken together, they cover all possible needs that a business may have. Here at Piling Experts, we use steel that has been verified 450-grade, far and beyond the 350-grade that is commonly employed by competitors. Through our strong relationships and the scale of our work, we are able to pass on best prices to our customers. We can offer screw piles that have a safe working load of 60kN (6 tonne) right up to 1300kN (130 tonne). Now that’s versatility!


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